My Antonia ~ Willa Cather

my antSummary:  Jimmy, a young boy in the late 1800s, has lost both of his parents and is moving to Nebraska to stay with his grandparents.  Here, he has to learn how to adjust to farm life where huge snowstorms and back-breaking work make for an arduous life.  His closest neighbor is Ántonia, a young Bohemian immigrant who doesn’t speak much English and lives in a poor family.  They become quick friends and grow up together, sharing small adventures like killing a huge rattlesnake.  The rest of the book follows Jimmy throughout his adult life, exploring 19th and 20th century daily life.

Recommendation:  My Ántonia is considered a classic and a great book to read, especially for someone interested in historical fiction and life around the turn of the century.  I loved the old-timey feel to it, and how the setting varied from cottages in the Nebraskan plains to a busy town with many shops and dances.  Occasionally I got uninterested in the story as it could get a little repetitive.  Nonetheless, My Ántonia was a great read for me and I look forward to reading other books by Willa Cather.

Favorite Passage:  “All day the storm went on.  The snow did not fall this time, it simply spilled out of heaven, like thousands of feather-beds being emptied.”


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