Sure Signs of Crazy ~ Karen Harrington

sure signs of crazySummary:  Sarah Nelson isn’t exactly an ordinary girl—in her past, present, and probably her future, too.  As a baby she was almost drowned by her mother, who is now in a mental hospital.  (The book isn’t as dark as it sounds, though.)  Sarah now has an odd habit of standing on a tree stump in her front yard.  Her best friend, named Plant, is a plant.  And her “craziness,” according to her, is sure to follow her into the future.  The story follows Sarah as she tackles daily life in the midst of her oddities.

Recommendation:  Although Sure Signs of Crazy isn’t exactly a feel-good book, it’s full of little funny moments. The character Sarah is pretty awesome.  I think that a lot of people (especially us nerdy types) can look up to her, not only because of her exquisite weirdness but because she doesn’t care how other people think of her.  At times the plot is slow to pick up and it can get kind of mushy/romantic, which can be good or bad depending on what you like to read.  It might also bore people who prefer fantasy, sci-fi, and action books.  I admit I chose this book at the library because of its pretty cover and funny title, but I’m glad I did.

Favorite Passage:  “She made our ugly rental kitchen smell sugary.  I will make our new one smell good, too.  There will be plants everywhere, with Plant, the queen of all plants, in the window over our new sink.”


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