The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict ~ Trenton Lee Stewart

teeonbSummary:  Nine-year-old Nicholas Benedict is stuck in yet another unfortunate situation.  He’s been sent to an orphanage with bullies everywhere.  His condition, narcolepsy, makes him an easy target (so does his cucumber-sized nose).  On the bright side, he’s a kid genius who memorizes everything he reads.  As he starts to explore the orphanage, he discovers the mystery of a hidden treasure that can set him free.  He and his friend dive headfirst into finding it.  After a little while he learns that the orphanage director is after it, too.  Can Nicholas find the treasure before the director does, or will he be stuck in the orphanage forever?

Recommendation:  A couple of years ago I read the Mysterious Benedict Society books and loved them.  This is a great companion book to the series.  If you enjoyed the original three books, you definitely have to read this one.  The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict blends mystery, realistic fiction, and action/adventure into one exciting novel.  Even though you’ll probably enjoy reading it, don’t expect a challenging read due to it being geared for “young readers.”

Favorite Passage:  “‘I’m not the least bit interested in mischief, I can promise you.’  He rounded his eyes, dipped his chin, and otherwise did his best to look unmischievous.”  


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