True Colors ~ Natalie Kinsey-Warnock

true colorsSummary:  Blue is taken in as a baby by old Hannah Spooner, who despite her age is tough and runs a busy farm.  Blue grows up on her farm with a secret mission to find her mother, who abandoned her as a newborn.  Although she loves Hannah, she can’t wait until her mother comes to get her and she can say good-bye to farm chores.  While these chores make Blue’s life routine, small surprises (a maybe-friendly cat, swims in her friend’s pool, a well paying job) make it special.  One summer changes it all.  Blue starts to investigate her history and uncovers many clues that lead her to learn not only about herself, but also about the town she lives in.

Recommendation:  This book is great for realistic fiction lovers. Readers of historical fiction will also enjoy the references to 1950s rural America.  True Colors is very down-to-earth and has its share of sad moments.  Still, it can be enjoyed by all middle-schoolers, maybe even kids in elementary school!  Definitely not a challenging read.  Even though I enjoyed this book’s lively characters and rustic setting, it had its downfalls.  The plot was a little slow at times and lacked humor.

Favorite Passage:  “Sometimes when summer people talked about how farming was so relaxing, I just wanted to shake ’em till their teeth rattled. ‘Relaxing, my foot,’ Hannah would say.'”


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