No Place Like Home ~ Mary Higgins Clark

no place like homeSummary:  Celia is a newly married woman with a super-rich husband who, for her birthday gift, surprises her with a new house.  But there’s a dark history about Celia that even her husband doesn’t know: when she was a kid, she accidentally shot her mother when trying to protect her from her stepfather.  She was later called “Little Lizzie” and considered a murderer.  To help erase her past, her adoptive parents changed her name.  However, her past comes back to her when the newly bought house turns out to be the place her mother died.  Celia and her husband go to see the house for the first time and discover it’s been vandalized, along with the words “Little Lizzie’s Place” graffitied on the lawn.  As the police investigate, people involved start to die – and you start to wonder if Celia is safe.

Recommendation:  I really loved reading this book, mostly because of the great plot.  The suspense put into the writing will really kept you on your toes!  This book was particularly excellent because it’s the only murder mystery that I’ve come across that is appropriate for a kid my age.  I’m sure that there are similar books out there. I’ll be sure to review them here soon.  The story does get a little bloody/scary at times, so this is definitely not a lighthearted, carefree book.  When you read this, you’ll constantly be adding characters to your list of “suspects.”  Good luck figuring out the mystery before the author finally gives it away!

Favorite Passage:  “We’re putting together a list of the people who might have had access to that house and then we’re interviewing them.  People like other real estate agents who have keys to the lockbox, and people who do any kind of service, like housecleaning or landscaping.  We’re investigating to see if [name omitted] had any enemies, owned any money….”


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