Summer and Bird ~ Katherine Catmull

sbSummary:  The two sisters Summer and Bird awake one morning feeling that something is wrong.  They soon find out that both of their parents are missing, and in response to a vague message left by their mom, they travel into the woods to find them.  Their travels lead them underground to the land of Down, where all birds live.  It is a magical and dangerous place where they soon become lost and confused.  We meet the Puppeteer, who has a powerful and egotistical grip on the world of Down.  Her manipulative malice entangles the two sisters in her plot to rule the bird world, which might just destroy it.

Recommendation:  This is the perfect read for fantasy lovers who enjoy unrealistic stories including things like daring adventures and talking birds.  Readers who are into action/adventure will enjoy the part of the book when Summer and Bird are lost in the woods, and when they venture into the world of Down.  However, this book might not be suitable to more sensitive readers because it includes a lot of violence and creepy stuff.  Katherine Catmull has a unique sort of writing that could be compared to poetry.  She uses an insane amount of metaphors and similes, which fit quite nicely with the writing.  The eerie and magical aura also contributes to the poetic feel.

Favorite Passage:  “She had never seen, in life or in books, any bird that looked like this.  It was covered in tiny, precise squares of color: a dusty blue square, a rusty orange square, a grass-green square, a raincloud square, a raspberry square – dozens of tiny squares on this tiny bird.”


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