Who-ology: The Official Doctor Who Miscellany ~ Cavan Scott & Mark Wright

_dw miscellanySummary:  As a huge fan of Doctor Who, I was overjoyed when I received this book as one of my Christmas presents.  (Santa knows his stuff!)  Who-ology is a wonderful reference book filled with trivia about everything Doctor Who.  The fact that it was published by BBC Books tells you that the information it contains is reliable.  The opening pages give a timeline listing important dates in the show’s history.  After that, the book introduces you to the different Doctors, and finally dives into the main “meat” of the book – countless DW facts bound to bring a smile to any Whovian’s face.  Some of my favorite features include:

  • The Doctor’s family tree
  • The many uses of the sonic screwdriver, and its downfalls (it doesn’t work on wood)
  • Birthday list of DW actors
  • Time Lord hierarchy
  • A world map showing the different places the TARDIS has visited

Although this is a book Doctor Who fans will love to get their hands on, it includes many spoilers – so make sure you’ve watched up to The Snowmen before you open Who-ology.

Recommendation:  Any DW fan is sure to spend hours looking through Who-ology.  My favorite thing is you can skip around without having to follow the pages in order.  You can be reading about monsters and then flip to any page and find yourself reading about the show’s stars.  When I pulled this out on the bus to pass some time, I would open it up to a random page and peruse through the contents – “Oh, 2% of monsters in Doctor Who were vegetables?  Cool!”  The authors also challenge you to recall what you know about Doctor Who.  Even if you don’t want to quiz yourself on what you forgot, you can still learn a bunch of interesting and fun facts.  Did you know that the last thing the Doctor said to Rory was, “I love video games”?  Odd last words.

Favorite Passage:  Since this isn’t a book with a plot, there are no “passages” to speak of.  I’ll list three especially cool facts instead:

1. Rory died over 5 times.  (Or did he???)

2. The eyepiece is the most vulnerable part of a Dalek.

3. Although it takes all of 2 hours to make-up an actor playing a Weeping Angel, it takes only 10 minutes for a Silent to pull on the mask and gloves.


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