The Mother Daughter Book Club Collection ~ Heather Vogel Frederick

boxed setSummary:  For this review, I decided to write about a fun 6-book series.  The Mother-Daughter Book ClubMuch Ado About AnneDear Pen PalPies and PrejudiceHome for the Holidays, and Wish You Were Eyre make up the stunningly funny Mother Daughter Book Club (MDBC) collection that I couldn’t put down for a week.  Heather Vogel Frederick draws you into the lives of Jess, Cassidy, Megan, and Emma, who meet each other through their mothers’ “marvelous” idea to start a book club.  Although the girls start out feeling distant and awkward around each other, they eventually forge bonds through misadventures and struggles with things like money, school, and frenemies.  You follow the characters from the beginning of sixth grade all the way to the middle of high school, and when you finish the last book, you don’t want the series to end!

Recommendation:  These books are full of humor and suspense, never letting you get bored – which is why I had to read them under my desk in science class!  The characters are what I liked most about the series.  They’re vibrant, funny, and lifelike – I feel like the personalities of the characters in the club can be connected to people in real life and in other books.  Megan reminds me of some of the girls at my school.  She starts out thinking she’s a class above the rest, and slowly morphs until she becomes more like the other members in the book club.  However, the change is only on the surface: she’s still an untrustworthy friend.  Jess reminds me a lot of Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter.  Although Jess is a lot more down-to-earth, they’re both never embarrassed because of how different they are.  They both have a really great group of friends and would never let their buddies down.  The one and only thing about this collection that may disappoint some readers is that the reading level is not that advanced.  Nevertheless, the MDBC books make up a wonderful series, especially for those looking for some light, satisfying reading.  In any case, I will balance it out soon by reading (and reviewing!) some more Charles Dickens.  This collection is one of my favorites and I hope you will enjoy it, too.

Favorite Passage:  “She forks up a little nibble and wedges it in her mouth. ‘Yum,’ she croaks.

Mrs. Wong looks pleased. “It’s made with tofu.”
I can’t resist. “Free-range tofu?”
My mother looks over at me sharply.
Mrs. Wong takes the bait. “Now, Cassidy, tofu isn’t an animal,” she chides. “It’s soy bean curd. Soy bean curd doesn’t need to roam free.”
On the floor below me, Emma lets out a little snort. I nudge her again with my foot. We’re both grinning at the thought of a corral somewhere with little cubes of tofu wandering around. “Home, home on the range,” I sing to her under my breath. “Where the deer and the tofu roam free…”


And by the way – s c h o o l ‘ s   o u t   f o r   t h e   s u m m e r !  Yay!  Hopefully I’ll be able to get more book reviews done faster now. 🙂


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