Red, White, and Blue ~ My Editing Process

I am photo 1 (4)positively overjoyed to announce that I have some new goodies.  12 marvelous gel pens and a recently rediscovered journal from when I must have been, maybe six?  Combining these two plus a cheap pen (and my computer) makes up my writing workshop which happens to be entirely in red, white, and blue.

A couple of days ago I was waiting for my brother to get out of a dentist’s appointment.  While I was sitting therphoto 2 (7)e, I pulled out my old pastel-y journal and started writing.  I sketched out a draft of my Walk Two Moons review and began pondering my foreboding 4th of July special, which you are now reading.  I neatly calligraphed the title in a luscious shade of aqua on the sky blue paper (patterned with white flowers!), not-so-neatly scrawled out my prospective summary, then went back and edited in red.  When I got in the car afterwards, I turned my mind back to the special… and vwhallah!  It hit me!  I had been writing in red, white, and blue this whole time without noticing it – perfect for a patriotic post.

photo 4 (4)Even though I only started writing my review drafts by hand a little while ago, my more modern editing process of typing my content up on WordPress’s new post template, fine-tuning it until I am content with what I read, and then emailing it to my utterly fantastic editor is also in patriotic colors: blue headings, a blue Publish button, a white screen, and plenty of red “you spelled this wrong” underlines (like vwallah).

Do you like this maniacal coincidence?  I think it’s pretty darn cool. 🙂  I wish you a wonderful holiday and an equally wonderful rest of the summer!


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