Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library ~ Chris Grabenstein

escape from mr lemoncellos librarySummary:  Kyle Keeley is completely obsessed with games.  Board games or video games, it doesn’t matter – because any game made by Mr. Luigi Lemoncello is sure to wow even the toughest critic.  When Kyle finds out that Lemoncello is behind the grand opening of a new public library, he knows that it will be filled with the most wonderful things in the universe.  And he’s right.  Lemoncello holds an essay contest, the prize being one night in the new library filled with top-notch, never before released games!  Kyle is selected as one of the lucky winners, and he enters the library doors wonderstruck by the marvelous insides of the library.  Then the doors close behind him.  And lock.  The fun night at the library now turns into a contest; who can escape first from the library?  Enemies are made and teams are formed as Kyle solves riddles and plays games to win the contest. The supposedly lighthearted gathering turns into the biggest game Kyle has ever played, and the one with the highest stakes.

Recommendation:  Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library is a great light read.  When I was on my trip to NYC with my class (and yes, the trip was great!) I would read this book in my spare time.  Even though the hustle and bustle of the city kept me always busy, I found myself with my nose inside of this book.  It’s one of the types where you travel along with the main character, solving riddles and picking up clues along with them.  Personally, I just followed the plot and didn’t pay enough attention to solve the riddles.  I feel inclined to tell you about one of the puzzles you will encounter in this book – rebus puzzles.  They are basically picture puzzles; for example, “re” + a picture of a bus = “rebus.”  Get it?  I love those things.  (I included a couple of puzzles in the favorite passage section instead of my usual quote… see if you can solve them!)  Although not very challenging (sigh), this book had a great plot, fun characters, and an interactive, ongoing puzzle.  Do you think you can escape the library before Kyle and his friends do?

Favorite Passage:  Below are some rebus puzzles I think you will like!  The answers will be at the bottom of the next post.  If you just can’t wait for the answers to be revealed, you can email me.

first aid(from





va ders(from






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