Jurassic Park ~ Michael Crichton

jurassic parkSummary:  Revolving around several characters, this book gives you a window into a mysterious island owned by an eccentric billionaire.  Rumor has it, the island is going to become a theme park featuring real, live dinosaurs, back from the dead.  A reluctant group comes to the island to take a tour of the facilities, and what was work or fun for them turns into a matter of life or death.  Things start to go wrong… people get lost… things get stolen… the power goes out… and the cages open.  Our protagonists are now at the mercy of the not very merciful kings of the prehistoric jungle.  The reader witnesses all this helplessly, immersed in fear and almost wetting their own pants as the human population goes down, one. by. one.

Recommendation:   You’ve probably seen the movie, but watching Jurassic Park is nothing compared to reading the novel.  I made the mistake of reading it before bed and lay awake for hours thinking that a velociraptor was going to get me before I could drift off.  All week when I was reading it I barely slept a wink.  Other than the fear factor, this book is a must-read!  It’s a classic that’s filled with excitement and adventure.  Most of the characters are experts in technology and/or dinosaurs, so when you read this book you’re bound to pick up some lingo (like reverse engineering and chaos theory).  The way Chrichton uses scientific terms and methods makes the book seem life-like, as if it could actually happen.  Uh-oh.

Favorite Passage:  “‘Ick,’ Lex said, shifting her body. ‘What.’ ‘I was standing on somebody’s ear,’ she said.  Tim hadn’t seen a body when they came in.  He looked back and saw there was just an ear, lying on the ground.”


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